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6 Ways to Make International Relocation Easy

If you’re planning a move overseas, you need experienced international movers who can get you there with no worries, and who offer a whole array of logistics services including customs clearance and long-term storage.

When you call Victory Van, you’re calling an international mover with decades of experience trusted by global industries, embassies and globetrotters of every stripe. Read here for our blog posts about moving to Ireland and New Zealand.

Before you make a move, make sure the relocation company you hire offers everything you need for a seamless transition overseas.

1. Experienced International Movers

Victory Van is a full-service international relocation specialist.  We have affiliates in every corner of the globe and in every sector of the industry to make your move predictable, organized and on time. Here are a few reasons why we are your best choice:

  1. Victory Van is ranked as a Top Mover by the Household Goods Forwarding Association of America and the American Moving and Storage Association.
  2. We are listed as a Schedule 48 GSA Contractor and have  employees with security clearances.
  3. Victory Van has almost 100 years of experience moving D.C.-area families, businesses, embassies, defense contractors and NGOs.

2. Professional Packing and Shipping

New laws require specific packing techniques and crates for international moves. Victory Van provides the proper crates, boxes and professionally trained packers to ensure compliance with all national and international laws. We’re up-to-date on all products prohibited from entry or boycotted in other countries. And, Victory Van’s logistics technologies allow us to track your shipment at every stage of your relocation.

3. Expertise in International Freight

Victory Van employs in-house experts in international air and sea freight shipping. This has many advantages over other moving companies:

  1. We have the ability to communicate in several languages and across all time zones.
  2. Victory Van offers online tracking of your shipped items from anywhere in the world.
  3. We provide a free estimate and a detailed timeline of your international move.

Travel without worries as we can even take care of the details such as transporting your vehicles, boats and special equipment.


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4. Customs Clearance

Victory Van has destination agents everywhere, to help your goods clear customs and ensure your paperwork is in order. Do you know whether you have to meet your shipment at the airport or the port, or have a designated agent do it for you?

We do! And, we’ll be there to make sure everything goes through without a hitch.

We can help you navigate Customs Form 4457 and more. Our employees and agents are fully versed in international customs requirements, laws and procedures.


5. Long-term Extended Storage

You probably can’t take everything; store your belongings with us for a month, a year or longer. Here's why Victory Van is your best storage option to use while you are away:

  • Victory Van controls over 500,000 square feet of conveniently located, climate controlled storage with the latest in theft, fire and damage protection.
  • Our storage facilities are security monitored around the clock.
  • We have storage options available internationally through Victory Van’s affiliates.

6. World-Class Customer Service

We are known for our world-class customer service. Here's why:

  • Victory Van’s employees are drug tested, background checked and professionally trained.
  • Only Victory offers our 10-point “Total Victory” guarantee.
  • We provide daily briefings and updates to our customers while their belongings are in transit.

Victory Van has won numerous awards for our outstanding customer service. When you hire Victory Van, you hire the peace of mind that comes with hiring the best in the business.

The Road to Victory

An international move is a big undertaking that requires a lot more than just booking your ticket and packing some boxes. Let Victory Van take you through the process step by step and door to door. Call us today at 1-800-572-3131 for a free estimate and a detailed explanation of our services.

When you get on the road, go with Victory. We’ll take you around the world and back, safely, surely and always with the service and professionalism that are synonymous with our name. Call us today and get on the road to Victory.