How to Pack Holiday Decorations



A Stress-Free Guide: Packing Holiday Decorations When Moving with Victory Van Corporation

The holiday season is a time of joy, celebration, and warmth, but it can also be a time of stress when you're facing a move. Fortunately, with a reliable moving company like Victory Van Corporation by your side, you can make the transition smoother. One of the challenges during this time is packing your cherished holiday decorations. These items hold sentimental value, and you want to ensure they arrive at your new home in perfect condition. Here's a guide on how to pack holiday decorations effectively when you're moving with Victory Van Corporation.

1. Start Early:
Before the hustle and bustle of moving day, give yourself ample time to prepare. Begin by sorting through your holiday decorations. Determine which items you want to keep and which ones you can let go. Donating or selling unwanted decorations can lighten your load, making the packing process easier.

2. Gather Packing Supplies:
You'll need a range of packing supplies to ensure your holiday decorations are protected during the move. Stock up on sturdy cardboard boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, packing tape, and markers for labeling.

3. Organize and Label:
Categorize your decorations by type, size, and fragility. Place smaller ornaments in divided boxes or egg cartons to prevent breakage. Be sure to label each box with its contents and indicate whether they're fragile or not. Victory Van Corporation's movers will appreciate the clear labeling.

4. Wrap with Care:
Use packing paper or bubble wrap to individually wrap delicate items like glass ornaments, figurines, and ceramic decorations. Ensure that each item is cushioned to prevent any damage during the move. For larger decorations like wreaths and artificial trees, use plastic wrap or special storage bags to protect them from dust and damage.

5. Protect Lights and Garland:
Wrap holiday lights and garlands around pieces of cardboard or use cord winders to prevent tangling. Place these in labeled boxes, and consider labeling each strand so you can easily identify them during the unpacking process.

6. Pack in Layers:
When packing your decorations in boxes, layer heavier and sturdier items at the bottom and more delicate ones on top. Fill any empty spaces with packing paper or bubble wrap to prevent shifting during transit.

7. Store Ornaments in Plastic Bins:
If you have a vast collection of ornaments, consider using clear plastic bins with dividers. This not only protects your ornaments but also allows you to see what's inside without opening the box.

8. Pack Tree Decorations Last:
Save your tree decorations, like ornaments, tree toppers, and garlands, for the very end. These should be among the first items you unpack at your new home, as they'll help bring back the holiday spirit even amidst the chaos of moving.

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By following these tips and entrusting your move to Victory Van Corporation, you can ensure your holiday decorations survive the journey and make the new house feel like home as soon as you arrive. Their professional moving services will make your relocation a breeze, allowing you to enjoy the holiday season in your new surroundings with peace of mind. Contact us today to get started with our movers!