How to Move Plants to Your New Home



Who doesn't adore a house filled with all kinds of plants and greenery? Undoubtedly, it gives a house a more cozy feeling, but moving day may become more difficult as a result! We offer the advice you need, whether you're moving locally or across country. Here's how you move plants the right way!


Choose What Plans to Move with You

Not all plants will fare well on a long vehicle trip. Some are extremely delicate and might not withstand any sharp temperature changes during the voyage. This is especially true if you plan to relocate in the sweltering summer or bitter winter, even more so if your move involves a long drive. Examine your collection and decide which plants you should prepare to transfer and which ones should be relocated before to moving day.


Prepare Your Plants

Before you move is the perfect time to get your plants in top condition. Give your plants food if necessary a few weeks before you move, and remove any dead branches or leaves. When necessary, give them a good pruning and think about repotting them in plastic containers. This will make it simpler to carry them. They'll be lighter and simpler to cram next to one another inside a moving box. When a large pot goes over in the back of your car, you'll also be less likely to experience an unlucky accident! 


How to Move Plants Without Killing Them

  • Wrap your plants
  • Protect the branches and leaves
  • Hang your hanging plants
  • Water them appropriately


Your Plants' New Home

Once you've reached your new residence, carefully unpack your plants. Ensure that each plant receives the proper amount of water and sunlight, and then let the plants to rest while you settle in. Plants frequently experience a period of shock. If they encountered any high temperatures along the route, this is especially likely! So allow them some time before attempting to repot them into larger pots or make any significant organizational changes.


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