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Moving house is not only difficult and expensive, but also very time-consuming and risky. But no matter how much you may wish to, you can’t just up and leave.

You actually need to plan adequately for the process and make a myriad of moving preparations as the Big day draws near.

So, how much time do you actually need to organize and perform your move? How long does the moving process take? How quickly can you move your house?

Read on to find out!

The time it takes to relocate depends on the specific circumstances of every individual case, yet the average time to move house is estimated to be about 8-16 weeks.

Below is a summary of the times needed to complete the different stages of the moving process:


1. How long does it take to buy and sell a home?

Your first step when moving house is to find an appropriate new home to move to.

The time it will take you to find the perfect home for you may vary from a couple of days to a couple of months – you need to research the housing options in your new area and view several places that seem to suit your requirements and preferences in order to choose the best one for your family.

How to sell and find a new house before moving.

If you’re going to apply for a mortgage on your property, keep in mind that it will take at least 4 weeks to get a mortgage approval. Then, you’ll need about 10 weeks to complete the transfer of ownership (making the offer, completing the conveyancing process, getting a house survey report, and closing the deal).

If your house is rented, the process will be much faster and easier – once you’ve found the right place for you, signing the lease contract will only take about a week (until your future landlord performs a background check on you and the details of the lease are agreed upon).

While looking for a new home, you will also need to arrange the sale of your old one – it will take you a couple of weeks to stage the house for sale and get a few valuations for it, then there will be viewings and negotiations with potential buyers, home surveys and various other details to be taken care of.

The entire process usually takes about two months, but it may be much longer, depending on;

  • The type of your property
  • The location of the property
  • The price you are requesting

If you’re moving out of a rented property, you need to review the conditions for ending your lease agreement and notify your landlord about your move a month in advance.


2. How long does it take to get moving company?

How long it can take to find a moving company.

Once you know where and when you’re moving, it’s time to organize your relocation. Your first task is to enlist the help of respectable and experienced moving professionals who will ensure the success of your relocation endeavor.

Finding the best movers for you will take a week or so – you need to research your options, get recommendations, fill out a moving quote to get contacted by several reputable moving companies in your area.

Contact about three or four movers that seem to best suit your needs and requirements for on-site estimates, interview them to get as much information as possible, discuss the details of your move, compare the offers, and choose the right moving partners for your relocation.

The earlier you book the services of a trustworthy moving company, the better, so it is advisable to do your research and make your choice about 6-8 weeks before your desirable moving date.

If you’ve decided on a self-move, you’ll also need about a week to find an appropriate (and affordable) moving truck to rent and get all the necessary moving equipment.


3. How long it takes to get ready to move?

While scheduling your move, you’ll need to take care of a number of other moving tasks as well.

It will take you about a month to put the following necessary paperwork work together;

  • Collection and organization of your personal documents and financial records
  • Obtaining of your family’s medical records
  • Obtaining your pets’ health certificates and vaccination records
  • Obtaining of your children’s school records
  • Changing of address
  • Transferring of drivers’ license and obtaining a new registration certificate for
    your car
  • Transferring of utilities
  • Cancelling of subscriptions and memberships etc.

You will need from several days to a couple of weeks to sort out and organize your belongings (depending on the size of your household).

How to know that you are ready for a move.

This has to be done about 6-8 weeks prior to your move, so that you have enough time to deal with the things you’re not going to relocate by selling or donating items you no longer needed items that are still in good condition and throw away any useless, worn out, or damaged ones;

Allow yourself a day or two to create a moving inventory of the items you’re taking to your new home. Your moving inventory list will help you keep track of your possessions, will double as a packing list, and will serve as a proof of the pre-move condition of your belongings should any of them get damaged during the relocation.

Keep in mind that it will take a lot of time to sell your unwanted items at a profit – you’ll have to organize a garage sale or list the items online and arrange payment and delivery.

4. How long does it take to pack a house for moving?

Packing for moving is a stressful and risky task that needs to be performed with utmost care.

You need to have enough time to ensure the best possible protection to yoPacking up your home when moving.ur items – packing in a hurry may result in damage to your belongings as you won’t have the time to take proper care of each and every item.


You’re recommended to start packing as early as possible and spend a couple of hours a day on the task so that you can ensure the safety of your belongings.

If you’re packing your items yourself, the average time required for each task would be;

  • 12-16 hours to pack a studio or one-bedroom apartment;
  • 25-30 hours to pack a two-bedroom house or apartment;
  • 40 hours to pack a typical three-bedroom home;
  • 50-55 hours to pack a four-bedroom house.

Keep in mind that packing the storage areas in your home – garage, basement, attic, etc., will require more time and effort than packing a standard room, so it is advisable to deal with them first while you have still plenty of time and energy.

Also, make sure that you have all the necessary packing supplies at hand as running to the store for more in the middle of the packing process will be a waste of time.

If you’ve hired professional packers like Victory Van to do the job for you, they will complete the task in about:

  • 2-3 hours – for a studio or one-bedroom apartment;
  • 3-4 hours – for a two-bedroom house or apartment;
  • 6 hours – for a three-bedroom home;
  • 8 hours – for a four-bedroom house.

 When needed we have several packing teams to make this faster.

5. How long does it take to load a moving truck?

The time it will take to load your belongings on the moving truck depends on several factors which would include;

  • The number of boxes and household items you have for moving;
  • The required or necessitated extra services;
  • The flights of stairs your items will have to be taken down (or the free access to an elevator);
  • The distance between the moving truck and the entrance to your home; etc.

 Loading up a truck when relocating.

If you’re well prepared and no unforeseen obstacles occur, a team of four professional movers will load the moving truck in about:

  • 2 hours – when moving a studio or one-bedroom apartment;
  • 3 hours – when moving a two-bedroom home;
  • 4-5 hours – when moving a three-bedroom home;
  • 6 hours – when moving a four-bedroom house.


6. How long does it take to get to your new home?

If you’re moving across town, it will take only several hours to transport your items to your new home.

If you’re moving across the country, the delivery may take several days or even a week. The actual transportation time will depend on the traffic and the weather conditions at the time of your move as well.

How long it takes before you finally get to your new home.

Regarding your own trip, you may arrive at your new home after several hours (if you’re moving short distance or if you’re flying to your new city) or after several days (if you’re driving from coast to coast).




7. How long does it take to settle after moving?

You will need a few days to unpack your items and arrange your new house or apartment, but it may take you several months to really settle in and feel at home in your new place.

You can always take advantage of some time-saving tricks if you’re pressed for time or if you’re moving on a short notice. Yet, it is better to take your time and pay attention to every detail of your move – this will ensure a safer, smoother, and stress-free relocation.

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