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Providing Home Moving Services Since 1945

Moving is always ranked as one of the most stressful life events. You’re uprooting yourself, your family and your belongings and moving them all into a future that’s still an unknown.

Even if it’s a move you’re happy about, it can still be overwhelming. Add to that the sheer logistics of moving—where do I start? How do I pack that?—and it’s easy to see why people feel that moving is crazy-making.

PRICE and Victory Van

At Victory Van, we can’t make all your moving madness disappear, but we can make the process of moving seamless, stress-free and, yes, even easy. 

We know we can make that promise and keep it. Because that’s just what we’ve been doing since we started in business decades ago. We know the Washington, D.C., Virginia and Maryland areas inside-out and we’ve transported jobs from the smallest to the largest across town and across the world.

If you need it moved—whether it’s a piano, one room, or a houseful of furniture—we’ll plan every step of the move for you, from the smallest fork to the most sensitive electronics. We’ll get it safely packed in our patented Victory Crates, which are much sturdier and more eco-friendly than cardboard boxes. We’ll move it all to your new location and unpack it.

All you have to worry about is picking up the phone and getting one of our relocation consultants out to meet with you.

What PRICE Means to Us

We use the acronym PRICE to summarize in one succinct word the many reasons why Victory Van stands above all the rest.

People We are an employee-owned company whose workers are highly trained and background checked. When you call us you won’t get transferred around from office to office, explaining yourself a dozen times. You’ll get one dedicated contact person you can call during any phase of your move to get the updates and information you need.

Resources – You’ll never hear that we don’t have enough manpower to do your job, or that we had to double you up with another mover. We have the staff, the trucks and the technical ability to handle your move from start to finish. We have partners in every sector of the moving industry that we can call on for the same fast, customer-focused service that we expect of ourselves. Our dedicated warehouse space—controlled only by us—means we can store your belongings or
your data as long as you need us to.

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Investment – We keep up with the latest in logistics technology, keeping us constantly on the cutting edge of innovations in the field. Anybody can hire a fleet of pickup trucks; we own a fleet of trucks specially outfitted with everything needed to move your belongings safely and make sure they arrive in one piece.

Control – We only bring enough workers for each job, and you’d be surprised at how small some of our teams are. That’s because these experts are not just weekend movers, they’re full-time professionals who work with amazing efficiency. You won’t believe how quickly and cleanly they can move you, but you’ll be glad to see it in action. Our small, efficient teams also mean lower prices for you and less time waiting around. We also have a fixed-price option
that lets you know right up front what your move will cost.

ExpertiseWe’ve been doing this since 1945 and we’ve had all that time to develop a level of expertise that no other moving company can match. That expertise is why we are regularly chosen as a mover for government agencies, commercial enterprises, and academic institutions. We’re the official movers of the Washington Nationals and the Wounded Warrior project, and we’re a GSA Schedule 48 contractor.

We could also add that E is for “eco-friendly,” because in addition to our awards for customer service, we’ve won awards for our environmentally friendly moving practices.


Get On the Road with Victory

If you’re facing a move, you need help that’s customer-focused, experienced and able to handle any type of move. All you have to do is make one call to get started. Our promises are backed by a 10-point guarantee that ensures your peace of mind.

Discover why millions of satisfied customer consistently rank us the top movers in the D.C., Alexandria, Reston, VA, Loudon County and Baltimore Metro area. 

Contact Victory today and learn how easy (really) moving can be!


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