Essential Questions to Ask Professional Movers



Important Questions That your should ask your professional movers in Alexandria, VA, Sterling, VA, & Coral Springs, FLProfessional Movers in Alexandria, VA, Sterling, VA, & Coral Springs, FL

Choosing the appropriate full-service moving company partner is essential to the success of your move. As a result, developing a list of critical questions to ask movers might assist you in selecting the best one for your individual moving needs. Victory Van Corporation in Alexandria, VA, Sterling, VA, and Coral Springs, FL, has offered the following questions to help evaluate professional movers:

  • How Long Has the Company Been in Business? - Inquiring about the company's history is an excellent place to start. Hiring a long-established moving business implies that they must be doing something right since they would not have been competitive for so long if they provided poor-quality services.

  • Is the Moving Company Registered? - To demonstrate validity, professional movers must be licensed and have a USDOT number. On the other hand, local movers are governed by their states rather than the federal government. However, relocating regulations and license requirements differ from state to state.

  • How Long Does Getting a Moving and Storage Quote Take? - They may provide you with a price over the phone or via email without visiting your home or inspecting your products. These varying quotes are frequently incorrect. Inquire about conducting a visual survey. It is necessary to obtain a full quote outlining the company's entire transfer cost and other services. Even if they are free, avoid non-binding estimates.

  • Does Insurance Cover the Moving Company? - One of the first questions you should ask full-service movers is about their insurance options. When you sign the Bill of Lading, you usually are given free Basic Limited Liability Protection coverage. If you want sufficient protection against damage or loss, request valid moving insurance from your moving company. Full Worth Protection compensates the mover for lost or damaged property.

  • Do I Need to Pay a Deposit? - When scheduling services, most professional movers want a deposit. Moving deposits avoid last-minute cancellations, which disrupt the mover's hectic schedule and negatively impact other customers. As a result, a moving and storage deposit is meant to cover any losses if the customer cancels the relocation.

    Each moving business has its booking deposit policy. A booking deposit should not be more than 20% of the total expected move cost. Never pay a moving company in full or with a significant deposit; pay them only after all of your belongings have arrived safely and undamaged at your new home.


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