Cost of Moving Cross Country: Figuring Out the Cost to Move a Home


Relocating across the country can be quite expensive. There are many moving parts you have to think about. When you're moving cross country, how do you figure out the cost of moving your belongings? Hiring a long distance moving company, like Victory Van, will help you calculate and reduce costs. We've been in business a long time and have a great track record.

Comparing Moving Quotes

First things first: get multiple moving quotes. There is no preset price of moving your home with home movers. After you contact a moving company, they will send a relocation consultant to your house to see the things that need to be moved. They will use all of this information to put a quote together. Among the things that will determine the cost of moving include the following:

Your Moving Timeline

One of the most crucial things to create your quote is the urgency with which you want  (or need) to move. Is your lease ending soon? How long will it take to close on the new house? That could be weeks timeor months.
(As a side note, create a "To-Do List for Moving" to help you stay organized).
Each moving company will need to know this to see if there are trucks available on your move date. Remember that it's always busier on the weekends and during the summer.
Timing also dictates if your belongings are co-mingled with other people's. By planning ahead, you can share a moving truck with another family which is the most economical way to move cross country or to another state.

The distance between current home and new home

How far away are you relocating? Long distance moving costs fluctuate. Drivers work longer to go the distance (literally and figuratively). The longer the distance, the more gas the truck needs.  All of these drive up the cost of moving - no matter which moving company you use.

Do you need storage facilities?

Victory Van storage facilities 
You might need to store your belongings somewhere before moving them into your new home. Movers in northern Virginia, such as Victory Van, have storage facilities where you can put your belongings if you are between homes. The duration that your stuff stays in the storage facilities will have an impact on how much you will pay. The longer they stay, the higher the cost.

Specialty Items

Fragile items, wine collections, pool tables, guns and other specialty things drive up the cost of moving. These things are bulky and heavy. They require more people on the move team to make sure it all goes smoothly. Sometimes the moving company will have to subcontract the work to a specialty company. Either way, these things will add to your final moving costs.
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Managing Your Moving Costs

Here are ideas to bring your moving costs down:

Plan early!

plan earlyMost people wait until the last minute. But, save yourself the headaches and stress. To avoid all the rush when your contract in the current home expires, plan to move as early as possible. This way, you give the moving company time to plan through all the logistics. And you give yourself a little more peace of mind.

Begin packing ASAP

I dread packing. Who doesn't'? But when you've got a long distance move ahead of you, start packing early. This can help you save quite a bit of money. Think about it - if moving day is here, and you're not packed, you'll have to may movers to pack for you.

#1 Moving TipIMG_0088

Moving can be stressful and expensive.  But, if well executed, it can be an easy task. It all depends on the quality of the long-distance moving company you are using.
The good thing is even your local moving company, like Victory Van, can take you cross country. We make it easier than ever to move local or far away. Because we are an Allied Van Lines agent, we have a large resource of partners around the country to help unpack and unload at your new home.
Use a reliable and reputable moving company like Victory van. Then all you'll have to do is relax and wait for the delivery of your belongings!
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