5 Reasons to Choose Moving Crates




benefits of renting moving cratesTime to move! The traditional way is to hire a moving company to help you during the process
and yes, it is a
great option since moving is a lot of work and the more help you can get, the better. Yet, sometimes we want a different option, something more affordable...that's when using moving crates could possibly be the best option for you. Victory Van, located in Virginia, Maryland and D.C. area, offers both moving solutions, so it really just depends on your needs, interests and budget to choose one or the other. In this article, we will focus on the second option: using crates.

What's that all about? How does it work? What are the benefits of renting crates? Let's start from the beginning:


How to Use Crates

  1. The moving company brings the crates to your house and you do the packing yourself.
  2. You place the crates that have already been packed onto a dolly system, which will also be provided to you. One crate on top of the other, they are a perfect fit! No empty spaces between packages!
  3. Once the dolly is completely loaded, you or your mover can easily roll that stack away. No lifting, just rolling!

4 Reasons why Crates are a Great Option


1. They are less expensive. You save on:


  1. You pack yourself.
  2. Since you can stack more onto the dolly than with regular boxes, the number of trips to load your belongings reduces (and so will the staff you need for this).
victory van moving crates


Crates fit so well onto each other, that you need less crates than you do cardboard boxes, which reduces the number of truckloads.


Damages and disposal costs

Crates are reusable so as soon as you are done unpacking, you just return them and forget about disposal costs. Since the boxes are sturdy and almost crushproof, it is easier to avoid damages (and the costs to repair them).

2. They are very convenient

You receive the crates at home and on-time. Crates are bigger and sturdier than cardboard boxes, so you can fit more things in them plus, they are better protected. Crates have handles, so it is easier to move them around. You don't need to tape them shut. Just close the attached lid and you are all set!

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3. They can be customized

Crates can be customized to match your needs. Need different colors? Labels? Talk it over with the company.

4. They are eco-friendlybenefits of eco friendly crates

Crates are a sustainable option since not only they are reusable and generate less trash but also less trees are needed for their production. One crate saves up to ten trees!

5. Perfect for valuables that need special care

Think about electronic devices that can get damaged with water, or even paper files. All those things that are better protected in crates won't get as easily damaged as they would in cardboard boxes. 

Victory Van offers both services for your move. Give us a call so we together decide which would be the best option for your needs. We have many years of experience moving companies and families and would be glad to give you our experienced and professional opinion.