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How to avoid mishaps when moving your home


Posted by Victory Van Team
Victory Van Team

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Managing Mishaps

Even the most careful of moves can result in that unfortunate situation: loss and damage of your property. When that happens, you might wonder how your home moving company will respond. When you’re moving with Victory Van, our response is a prompt, no-excuses effort to ensure you’re properly compensated for all your losses. Continuing reading this post and we'll give you pointers on some the elements of the a typical home move.

4 Tips to Manage the Moving Parts of a Home Move

The typical residential move involves a lot of moving parts:

  • 60 to 100 boxes
  • 1 to 3 trucks
  • Thousands of touch points during pickup and unloading
  • Hundreds or even thousands of miles of road travel
  • Days or weeks of shipping
  • For a commercial move, multiply all that by 10 or more

Given those numbers, it’s only natural that at some point, somewhere along the line, something might break. To help reduce risk of accidents consider following these 4 packing and moving tips from our team.

1. Handling Problems

At Victory Van, we’re proud that our safety record and our customer service rating are both at the top of the moving industry. But even we get unlucky sometimes. Like any moving company, we sometimes break or lose things.

What makes us stand out is how we handle those problems. We won’t try to hide or our mistakes, pretend they didn’t happen or act as if it’s somehow your fault. Instead, we offer a thorough, step-by-step process for handling loss and damage claims. As an employee-owned company, we are all personally invested in making sure we handle things right when they go well and also when they go badly.


2. Our Claims Process

At Victory Van, we are committed to giving you the service and stress-free move that our five-star rating reflects. But when we don’t, we want to know about it right away. That’s why we provide three comprehensive claim forms for all of our customers:

  • Loss and Damage Claim Form 
  • Allied Van Line
  • Residence Damage Report  

Everything is backed by Victory Van’s 10-point guarantee and our claims process is no exception. You can expect a prompt, courteous and thorough investigation of your claim.


3. Valued Trust

At Victory Van, we value the trust you’re placing in us. We know we’re not just packing up your stuff. We’re moving your prized treasures, your family heirlooms and your favorite easy chair. That’s why we handle everything with the same care and attention that we would use with our own possessions.

We will do everything we can to earn that trust, and if something goes wrong, we’ll do whatever it takes to keep it. The Employee Owners at Victory Van go the extra mile creating an award winning atmosphere of excellence.

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4. Stand-Out Service

A lot of moving companies may seem alike when you compare their service, pricing and what they promise to do for you. It’s easy to keep those promises when everything goes smoothly. But only one moving company stands out for how we treat you when things go badly. That’s Victory Van.

Nothing beats peace of mind when you’re facing a move. When you move with Victory, you get a guarantee that we will back up time and time again. Call Victory Van today at 1-800-572-3131 and discover the difference.