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Archival Storage?

If your work involves anything remotely legal–whether it’s sales contracts, employment policies or customer guarantees–you need archival storage. If your business involves medical or financial record-keeping, you need full control of those documents and the assurance that they are securely and privately stored. Continue reading to learn about Victory Van'sservices.

Who Needs Archival Storage

There are good reasons for getting an archival storage plan in place today.

  • In the case of a natural disaster, flood or fire, a data-recovery plan will get you back on your feet faster.
  • Offsite storage can provide reliable backup to your on-site and cloud storage.
  • You’ll work with an experienced, knowledgeable partner who will ensure total compliance with government and industry regulations.
  • Get the protection you need and the peace of mind you deserve.


Why Work with a Storage Expert?

Compliance with legal procedures for archiving your documents can be a major headache. Don’t let it grow into a serious problem that could wreak havoc on your organization’s future. Partner with an expert in archiving who will help you navigate the legal minefield.

  • Victory Archivescan set up a fully integrated system of pickup, archiving, destruction and storage that aligns with government and industry requirements.
  • Set it and forget it with a detailed timeline and a regular schedule.
  • With assistance from Victory’s experts, you’ll be able to produce a plan that makes logical, legal and financial sense for your business.
  • Using an offsite storage facility like Victory Archives clears up room in your work space and your warehouse, frees up employee time, and saves you money.

The Right Solution

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The right storage company is more than just a service provider; they’re a business partner who can guarantee that you remain compliant and your business’s continuity if there’s any kind of loss or natural disaster. Make sure the archival solution you choose offers these key layers of security and assurance:

  • Detailed record-keeping to track the chain of custody of your archived documents.
  • Secure handling during pickup, transportation, packing and storing.
  • Employees who have been background screened and, if necessary, have security clearances.
  • Specialized knowledge of the requirements for handling sensitive and classified information.
  • Storage vaults where you control who has access to the data or records.
  • Storage units that are fully staffed by security and administrative personnel, and that you have access to 24-7.

Victory Archives offers all of that, plus our decades of experience, our specialized expertise in government and military record-keeping, and an ironclad guarantee.

Magnetic Data: Why You Need Offsite Vaults

If you have valuable magnetic data, there are good reasons why it’s best to store it in a secure, offsite location:

  • Climate control is crucial to protecting this type of data.
  • A professional archive service has the tools and technology to retrieve physical data when you need it, more quickly than you can find it on your own.
  • In the case of an investigation or audit, you will be able to produce vital documents quickly and according to proper procedure.

Only a fully secured facility can guarantee protection from fire, theft, infestation, mildew and other factors. Victory Archives offers storage vaults with 24-hour video surveillance, Vector alarm services and the Halon 1301 fire suppression system.

Your Storage Solution

If you have questions about archiving and offsite storage, call Victory Archives at 1-800-572-3131) today. We’ll show you how to set up a system that will save you time, money and headaches.

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