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Advice on Moving & Packing Tips for your First Apartment in Alexandria, VA & Surrounding AreasApartment Moving & Packing Tips in Alexandria, VA

You are getting ready to rent and move into your first apartment and it's a little overwhelming since everything is new to you. Should you try moving everything yourself, or should you hire professional movers? Here are a few of Victory Van Corporation’s favorite moving and packing tips to help the move and new transition go smoothly.


New Apartment Packing Tips

Think ahead and follow these packing tips to make your move run smoothly. With a good plan and good movers, it’ll be over before you know it.

  • The Apartment - Once you have signed for your new apartment, get familiar with your new place. Measure and plan the layout if you can visit the apartment in person. Have a walk through with the landlord and ask lots of questions. Take pictures and measurements of the space to make sure your current furniture and belongings will fit where you need them to. Measure windows for blinds, the room for appliances, the television, couch, and more. This will save you time when you back at your current location and decide what to take with you.
  • Organization - When packing, be sure to use sturdy boxes, plenty of markers, packaging tape, bubble wrap, and paper to protect your items. Label and number the boxes according to room so they find where they need to go quickly.
  • Utilities - When it is time to focus on the packing and the move, make sure you already have your utilities set up ahead of time, so you don’t try to do everything at once. Arrange for your utilities to be working and operational before your arrival date. Things that require an appointment, such as internet or cable, wait until the move is complete to make sure you do not miss the meeting and are charged for it. Look at moving companies right away to get a move-in date so you can schedule your appointments around it properly.
  • Moving Companies - Be sure to research moving and storage companies ahead of time. You will want to hire movers who will help to make your move a hassle-free experience. Save yourself the packing tips and see who offers full-service to do the packing for you, partial services for the pickup, or even a self-service for renting a truck and driver.



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