Packers and Movers’ Advice for Moving with Children

Moving with Small Children—Advice froM Trusted Packers and MoversPackers and Movers in Alexandria, VA & Washington, D.C.

Victory Van Corporation knows that moving a family requires a lot of attention and time. It is a hassle as you look for different moving companies and try to find the time to prepare. If you are moving with small children, you can multiple that stress by ten. But, with preparation and careful steps, everything can be handled in time for the move. Here are our professional packers and movers’ top advice about moving with small children.

  • Change is Difficult - Change is hard for everyone, especially for the kids in your family. Younger children might not understand why they are moving or what a move even is. The new environment, all the people, and busyness can be upsetting for them.
  • Explain the Situation - An excited or calm state of mind is important here. Make a move an adventure for the little ones. Tell them they are going somewhere exciting, no matter what the circumstances of the move may be. Bring lots of snacks and a few of their favorite toys to keep them busy. As the new house is put together, tell them whose room is whose and celebrate the new space for their excitement.
  • Stay Safe & Happy - Keep the kids happy and distracted. There are many dangers of a move for small children, so make sure they are not underfoot. Movers coming in and out of the house might not see them if they are in the way. Boxes and furniture can fall and hurt a child.
  • Family Time - While the packers and movers are working, take the kids to a local park, or to explore the new neighborhood if a spouse can stay behind. Or, if it is just you, call ahead to the local library or public schools to hire a recommended teen to babysit and help you keep an eye on the kids during the move.

Moves can be upsetting for young children. That is why it is important to make sure they have a positive or slightly calm experience with the situation. Prepare for any situation, lots of snacks, diapers, extra changes of clothes, and more to avoid any problems during the move. Once the move is complete, the children will be able to get to know their new environment.


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