Professional Movers Tips of 5 Things to Do 1 Week Before Moving

Advice on 5 Things to Do 1 Weeks Before Moving from Professional MoversProfessional Movers in Alexandria, VA & Washington, D.C.

After months of planning and preparation, there’s only one week until moving day – and your current house looks barely livable. Boxes are piling up, drawers are emptied and separated, and you’ve tripped on bubble wrap at least twice. You’ve been working hard to pack up everything you own, and it shows.

Even with the brunt of the packing out of the way, there’s still more to do before moving companies arrive. The professional movers at Victory Van Corporation recommend that you complete these tasks a week before you move.

  1. Get organized. Don’t let your important documents get lost in the fray. Create a hard-copy or digital “master folder” to keep your contracts, lease information, receipts, and other paperwork together in one place. It may also be helpful to set reminders on your phone to keep track of pickup and delivery times, maintenance appointments, and more.
  2. Pack an essentials box. When you arrive at your new home, chances are you won’t be willing to dig around for clean clothes, let alone your hairdryer. Pack a box with everything you need for your first few nights in your new home, from toiletries to fresh socks and snacks. Make sure everyone in your house packs their own essentials box, as well as a box with things for the whole family to use.
  3. Confirm with the movers. Call the professional movers you’ve hired to verify their arrival time, discuss parking strategies, and go over all the services you’ve requested. This is the best way to avoid extra fees and reduce confusion.
  4. Finish packing. This step may seem obvious, but even one unlabeled box can be the biggest hassle on moving day. Don’t forget to disassemble every piece of furniture, and properly pack electronics and other high-value items. Unplug appliances, defrost the fridge, and wrap the mattress if possible. Need extra assistance? Ask your professional movers if they offer packing services.
  5. Transfer everything. Call your utility providers to cancel everything at your current location and transfer the services to your new address. If you’re moving to a different area, you may also want to set up accounts at another pharmacy or bank.


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