A Primer on Piano Moving

Your piano is more than just a piece of furniture. It’s a source of joy and creativity. It might be a family heirloom. For some of you it may be your livelihood.  In this post we will share more about the art of piano moving – local, national or internationally.


When it’s time to move your precious piano, don’t leave the job to amateurs. Pianos are large and heavy, but they are also delicate instruments that require special handling.When you hire Victory Van Corporation to move your piano you can be sure you’ll get:

  • professionally trained, experienced piano movers
  • comprehensive insurance coverage outlined in the bill of lading
  • the best safety record in the industry
  • air-ride suspension trucks
  • a customer service agent who will be your point of contact from the start of the move to the end

For an accurate estimate we need to know:

  • the type of piano: upright, grand or baby grand
  • number of stairs and stairways in both locations
  • in apartment buildings, if the movers can use the elevator
  • the distance between the two locations

The Day of the Move

Before moving the piano, close and lock the keyboard. We also recommend wiping it down so that dust doesn’t scratch the finish when it’s wrapped. Take a picture of the piano and document any preexisting damage to be sure it arrives in the same condition it left.

Our professional movers will bring all the equipment they need: piano pads, dollies, blankets and slings.

You may surprised to see a crew of only two or three show up. That’s because these experts know what they are doing. For a grand piano and for particularly difficult situations a larger team might be necessary.

How the Move Will Go

In most cases, piano movers follow a routine similar to this:

  • The movers may remove parts of the piano and wrap them in padding.
  • With a grand or baby grand they might take off the legs.
  • After carefully padding the piano they will lift it and position it onto a piano board.
  • The piano board rides on a four-wheel dolly to move across flat surfaces.
  • It also serves a skid board for going up and down stairs.
  • The movers may attach a carry strap to the top of the piano.
  • At every step, every part of the piano will be protected.

At the new location the entire operation will go in reverse. The movers will bring the piano in, put it back together and carefully remove the padding.

Tuneful Tips

  • Experts say the best spot for a piano is against a wall and away from drafts.
  • The casters on your piano are not made for heavy-duty moving and we may take them off.
  • Once in its new location your piano will probably need to be tuned again, as even the gentlest move can throw its tuning off.

For a safe and successful local, national or international piano move, call Victory Van. We provide experienced teams, a job satisfaction guarantee and above all, peace of mind.

Your piano is too precious to trust to just anyone. At Victory Van Corp we will handle it with the same tenderness that you would and ensure that you’ll continue making beautiful music together.
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