Victory Van Storage and Distribution Services in the Washington DC Region

  • State-of-the-Art facilities
  • All-Masonry, Environmentally-Controlled Warehouse
  • Military Approved Storage
  • Barcoded Inventory Management
  • 24/7 Access to Your Inventory
  • Fully-Trained Staff
  • Advanced Fire and Theft Protection Systems
  • Multi-Client Facilities for Lower Storage Costs
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Victory Van storage and distribution solutions offer today’s best features in the Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC areas

Need a place to put everything while your home is being renovated?

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Over 500,000 Square Feet of Secure Warehouse Space

Alexandria, Dulles, Gaithersburg and Frederick

Victory Van controls over 500,000 square feet of secure warehouse space in strategic locations throughout the Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia metro area. We handle everything from Discovery Channel videotapes, Red Cross supplies and Girl Scout Cookies, to the contents of homes or hotels undergoing renovations —and we can provide a right-sized, cost-efficient, short-term or long-range solution for your needs.

Warehouse Locations

Warehouse & Storage Features Including:

  • Cross–docking
  • Parcel delivery (temp-control and ambient)
  • Order selection (cases)
  • Pick-pack (pieces)
  • Bar-coding
  • Bonded facilities
  • Computerized inventory control, stock location
  • Online inventory tracking
  • Dedicated customer service representative
  • Attachments (slip sheet, clamp, roll clamp, double fork)
  • Racked and non-racked environments
  • Import/export services

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