Lean and Green with Victory Crates

It’s not easy being green, unless of course you’re using our patented Victory Crates to do your moving. In that case you’re saving money, saving time and saving the planet, all at once.

How does a humble plastic crate do all that? Stay tuned and find out.

1. Think Outside the Box

A Victory Crate is the perfect stow-and-go moving companion. You just pack your belongings in it and close it. It holds everything from kitchen supplies to documents, and you can forget about other packing supplies you normally need.

Imagine being able to pack without having to worry about rounding up boxes or finding an endless supply of tape. That’s right. With a Victory Crate you won’t need:

  • packing tape;
  • scissors;
  • packing paper;
  • flimsy cardboard boxes;
  • expensive packers’ crates;
  • string, glue or bungee cords.

But wait, there’s more. With Victory Crates, you never have to stress out about having enough boxes. Victory Van brings them right to your door and if you need more, you just call us.

But you probably won’t, because we’re that good at estimating just how much material you’ll need. So stop stressing and start packing.

2. Make a Clean Sweep

You know how you always leave a mess behind when you pack? Well, now you won’t be leaving a trail of packing debris in your wake. With Victory Crates, there’s no leftover tape, smashed boxes, paper scraps, or endless amounts of packing peanuts to chase.

  • Victory Crates are durable and can be recycled for thousands of moves.
  • They don’t require special fasteners or tape.
  • They hold a lot.
  • Exposure to water won’t make them melt.
  • You can stack them and get them out of your way while you finish packing.

There’s nothing like watching that neat pile of Victory Crates pile up while you pack everything with no muss and no fuss.

Best of all? When your move is done, you never have to worry about what to do with all your boxes. Victory Van hauls them away for you so the next person can have the same neat, hassle-free packing experience.

3. Be an Easy Rider

Victory Crates are uniform in size, so they stack efficiently into a truck, van or trailer. That means you can make your move in fewer trips and that means you’re conserving:

  • gas;
  • time;
  • worry;
  • energy;
  • money.

You never have to worry about stacking your boxes, because unlike cardboard or rubber boxes, Victory Crates won’t bend or crush under weight. They’re tough guys who can take a tumble but still keep your belongings safe.

Box-Free and Stress-Free

A move with Victory Van isn’t a move like any other, and it starts with our sturdy, recyclable Victory Crates that have boxes beat by a mile.

Victory Crates are also ideal if you find you need to store your things for a while. Instead of crossing your fingers and hoping they’ll be okay, you can keep them safe in a Victory Crate stashed in one of our secure, monitored warehouse spaces.

Go Green

At Victory Van, we’re constantly looking for ways to make moving more eco-friendly. When you consider how wasteful the average move is, we’re proud of the fact that we’ve won local and international awards for our green practices.

Count on Victory for a winning Move

When you’re planning a residential or commercial move taking you: across town, over the Rockies, or around the globe you can trust Victory Van to move you safely and efficiently, give Victory Van a call and discover how easy it is to go green.

Call us today and discover the winning difference employee owners bring to a winning move!


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