Victory Archives™ Records Management

Victory Archives is a full-service commercial records management and document storage center serving the Washington, DC; Maryland; and Virginia area.

Trust Victory with Your Records Management & Storage

Employee-owned and operated

The 150,000 cubic foot archival services center has its own full-time administrative, warehouse and delivery personnel. Victory Archives is dedicated to safeguarding your records and magnetic media for impeccable document storage and records management.

Cut the cost of storing your records

Storing records in a filing cabinet in your office costs an average of $14.00 per year. Storing those same records with Victory Archives is approximately $1.65 per year—a savings of 60-70%.

Less worry about business continuity—and exposure to litigation

Victory has invested in the technology associated with the O’Neil Barcoding System, which allows for an easy, efficient way of securing, storing, retrieving and refiling records. Victory Archives provides secure document storage using 24-hour video surveillance, Vector Alarm Services and Halon 1301 Fire Suppression System.

Victory Archives Offers

  • Document Storage and Records Management
  • Climate Controlled Storage
  • Electronic Data and Media Storage
  • Distribution and Warehousing of Publications
  • State-of-the-Art O’Neil Barcoding
  • Destruction
  • Same Day Delivery Service

Magnetic Media Storage Vaults

Victory Archives operates and maintains three separate tape and magnetic media storage vaults, which meet the requirements for magnetic computer media vault construction set forth by Professional Records and Information Management Association of which Victory Archives is an active member.

All vault storage areas are equipped with adjustable tape storage tracking with can easily be reconfigured to accommodate virtually any type of tape storage. The vaults are used exclusively for magnetic computer media storage and we do not commingle storage among our clientele.

Customer Access Control

In order to assure the confidentiality and security of our customer’s sensitive records, Victory Archives requires a list of customer personnel who are authorized to access and/or direct the activity of off-site document storage. Once received, only these designated individuals will be allowed to access the storage area or direct the activity of your account and sign for deliveries.

Environmental Integrity

Climate control is provided in each vault by a dedicated HVAC unit fitted with highly efficient electronic filtration to capture airborne pollutants. ADT Security monitors systems settings 24 hours a day, and we perform a visual verification and log of all settings several times each day.

Fire Prevention and Detection

All vault storage areas are protected by Halon 1301 fire suppression systems with smoke and heat sensors. The system is monitored by ADT Security who would, in the event of an emergency, instantly dispatch the local fire department and immediately notify senior management.

Intrusion Prevention and Detection

Each vault area is secured by a double-locking system with controlled access strictly limited to authorized Victory Archives personnel. In addition, all areas are protected by closed circuit television surveillance monitored by internal operations personnel.

Bar Code Tracking System

Victory Archives uses state of the art bar code technology for the location, tracking and control of all magnetic computer media and other document storage. The heart of the system is the latest version of O’Neil RSSQL designed specifically for our industry. In conjunction with PDT scanners, this unique bar code system enables virtually error proof, computerized location, tracking and control of all inventories.

Additionally, it is a flexible, menu driven system that allows us to produce a variety of system and user defined records management reports relative to the activity of your off-site storage.

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