Moving a Medical Office

When it’s time to relocate your medical office, it’s time to call Victory Van, the local experts who will get you moving with a minimum of stress and downtime. Read on for the five steps to making your medical office move a breeze.

1. Do a Practice Run

Before you start packing, visit the new office and decide on the layout.

  • Which room will be your office?
  • Where will your IT routers and servers go?
  • Which furniture will go in the lobby?

When you move with Victory Van, we’ll ensure that all important equipment is the first to be up and running.

2. Get Professional Help

The thought of moving your medical office probably has you breaking out in a cold sweat. There’s no need for that. An expert mover with experience in moving medical offices will give you a detailed, day-by-day timeline, an estimate of material and moving costs, and an organized plan.

Victory Van is more than a mover. We’re a business partner that will help take the worry out of your move. We’ll have you up and running in your new location with minimal downtime.

Your clients’ medical needs won’t wait for you to get your office situated, and your business can’t afford to waste time. With Victory Van, you’ll go from your old space to your new one with ease and efficiency.

3. Make it Easy for Your Staff

Give everyone a copy of the moving schedule. This will avoid any surprises or last-minute panics.

Decide how much of the packing and moving you want your employees to do. It’s probably fine for staff members to pack their own desks and personal belongings, but medical equipment and computers require special handling. Let Victory Van’s trained expert employee owners to take care of that for you.

When you call Victory Van, we’ll:

  • bring your employees our patented, eco-friendly Victory Crates;
  • haul the crates away once they’re full, saving your staff time and labor;
  • ensure your sensitive equipment is packed and moved by specially trained packers with expertise in this type of equipment;
  • set up your IT and medical equipment to the new address so it’s ready to go when you get there;
  • reduce your downtime to a minimum.

4. Secure Your Documents

Federal privacy laws require you to handle medical records with care. They should never be shoved willy-nilly into boxes.

Electronic records also require special handling. When you’re moving records, medical supplies or medications, make sure your mover is knowledgeable about the safe, legally compliant way to transport them. Victory Van’s moving practices are always compliant with local and federal regulations.

If you need temporary or long-term storage for these items while you’re moving, Victory Van can provide secure storage in our state-of-the-art warehouse space.

5. Get the Word Out

Make sure your patients, suppliers, service people, cleaning crew and everyone else who’s a regular in your business know about the move.

  1. Start informing customers and clients about the move as soon as you know it’s definite.
  2. If you have a practice web site or newsletter, announce the move there.
  3. Contact utility companies and your Internet provider.
  4. The post office is a good source of helpful tools for setting up your new address.

It sounds basic, but in the hectic days of moving, when you’re focused on big-picture items, it’s easy to forget the details.

Move with Victory

Victory Van has moved small, one-person physician’s practices and huge, multi-site healthcare systems. We’re the local experts you can rely on to make your medical office move as stress-free as possible.

Call Victory Van today and experience our award-winning customer service and moving expertise for yourself.



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