A Trusted Partner in Government Relocation

When you’re moving a government agency you can’t afford a long work interruption, and you’re accountable for using the most cost-efficient services. You might also have a mandate, or a preference, to use small businesses or contractors with environmentally friendly practices.

Victory Van Corporation has you covered on all fronts. We’re an employee-owned business with streamlined, eco-friendly business practices that will save you time and money. We are listed as a General Services Administration Schedule 48 contractor for move management.

When you call for our relocation services you get:

  • our ability to travel nationally using allied companies in every state
  • knowledge of Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) guidelines
  • GSA Schedule 48 for Transportation, Delivery, and Relocation Solutions (contract #GS-33F-0009S)
  • employees who hold security clearances
  • an elite team of employees dedicated to data center relocation (DCR)

That’s why we were chosen to handle the federal government’s largest office move, when we relocated 7000 employees of the Patent and Trademark Office. We have also moved the State Department, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and others both locally and nationally.

We understand the terminology, the requirements and the sensitive nature of government moves. We are a trusted partner with a record of proven success in large-scale moves.

Pre-Move Planning

  • We visit your site to prepare a detailed plan and schedule.
  • Dedicated project manager will be there to see the job through from the first day to the last.

Relocation Plan

  • You’ll know exactly where critical departments are in the new location.
  • Three levels of insurance coverage give you peace of mind.
  • Our employees get drug testing and background checks.

Packing Materials

  • We bring your employees our eco-friendly Victory Crates for their personal items.
  • Deliver all the materials necessary to pack everything, including sensitive and expensive equipment.
  • Label everything clearly so you know what’s in each box or crate.

Packing and Crating

  • Professional movers pick up the loaded crates.
  • Specially trained packing teams handle the common areas and server rooms.

Data Center Relocation

  • We understand every phase of DCR from inception to execution.
  • Our best practices eliminate layers of subcontractor support, meaning you save money.
  • We have proven past performance in a wide variety of DCRs.

Loading and Unloading

  • We carry your crates, furniture and equipment in our fleet of air-ride suspension trucks.
  • Professional drivers and the latest GPS technology make for an efficient trip.
  • State of the art logistics technology means we meet the delivery schedule every time.

Delivery and Setup

  • Specially trained crews make quick work of unloading, placing and setting up all boxes, furniture and equipment.
  • You get a final walkthrough and approval.
  • Key departments are in place and ready for operation.

Trust our Experience

Moving a government office is like putting together an enormous puzzle with thousands of pieces. At Victory Van we’ve been putting that puzzle together for decades. That’s why government agencies, businesses and nonprofit organizations trust us with their move management year after year. It’s why we have received numerous awards for office moving, for environmental practices and for customer service.

Victory Van Corporation, a GSA Schedule 48 contractor, and has a record of success that shows we care about your move as much as you do. Our customers rank us as the best in the nation every year. They’ve discovered that the Victory difference means professionalism, dedicated service, and decades of experience in relocation services of all kinds. Call Victory Van today and discover the difference for yourself.



About: Victory Van provides moving and storage services with warehouse locations in Alexandria Va, Dulles VA, Frederick Md and Gaithersburg Md.  Contact Victory Van for speciality moves, storage and more.