What is FF&E?

If you’re thinking about relocating your business, there’s no better time to call Victory Van. One call can get you started on a move that’s as worry-free as possible. Victory Van is the expert in office relocation, industrial moves and hotel set-up. We’ll get everything there in one piece and give you peace of mind, too.


Furniture Fixture and Equipment


In the moving, construction and accounting industries, the term “furniture, fixture and equipment” refers to specific types of movable items. The acronym FF&E is used to describe any piece of equipment that is

  • loose, not attached to the building or part of its structure, and
  • necessary for the operation of the business.


When you’re selling or buying a business, assessing the value of the FF&E is an important part of the transaction. And when you’re moving a business, it’s vital to go with movers who are experienced in FF&E relocation. When you call Victory Van you’re calling on almost a century of experience in business, government and military moving.


Office Relocation


The government classifies a wide variety of equipment across several categories as FF&E. The following are all examples.


Vehicles: vans, cars, trucks, earth movers, forklifts, tractors and boats.

Office equipment: telephones, file cabinets, shelving, cubicle partitions, photocopy machines, desks and chairs.

Communications: scanners, fax machines, computers and video equipment.

Warehouse: inventory, documents in long-term storage and tools.

Documents: paper files, books, posters and advertising literature.


All of those things need to be moved differently, and each one requires their own special handling. That’s why Victory Van includes, in every move:


  • a complete list of every item that you’re moving;
  • a detailed timeline and estimate;
  • one dedicated customer service representative for your move;
  • fast packing in our eco-friendly Victory Crates;
  • specially-trained packing teams for your sensitive data and equipment;
  • secure, climate-controlled storage facilities;
  • several insurance options; and
  • our ironclad 10-point guarantee.


Hotel Set-up


In the hotel industry, FF&E usually refers to items like these:


  • Mirrors
  • Beds
  • Artwork
  • Rugs
  • Lamps
  • Televisions
  • Computers and office equipment
  • Dining room tables and chairs
  • Kitchen equipment including appliances
  • China, glassware and decorative objects


You can rely on Victory Van to relocate your business or your hotel from start to finish. Our hotel relocation always includes:


  • Detailed list of every FF&E item in our estimate and project planning.
  • Professional packing, shipping and transportation.
  • Collaboration with local, national and international moving allies including global customs specialists.
  • Dedicated records management and storage.
  • Set-up and placement of all objects in the new location according to your specifications.


Every Move Matters


Victory Van is the only mover with the experience and ability to handle any move. Nobody has the resources that we do, or the level of professionalism that all of our employees demonstrate. That’s why we’ve won awards for customer service and it’s why we’re the official movers of baseball teams, government agencies and nonprofit organizations.

Moving internationally? That’s not a problem for us. We have contacts in every corner of the world and your international relocation will get the same level of dedicated, professional service as the smallest move across the street.

Victory is an employee owned company.  We believe that every move matters, and you’ll see that in the way we treat you as a customer.


Don’t Risk Your Furniture Fixture and Equipment


When it comes to moving, every detail is important. If you’re relocating your business, you want to be sure that every piece of equipment or furniture is properly packed and safely on its way to its new home. Don’t trust your valuable items–the ones that keep your business going and your workers employed–to just any mover.

At Victory Van, we deliver more than furniture. We deliver on our promises. Contact us today for FF&E consultation.


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