Get Green and Get Going

You’re trying to be conscientious, and it feels good to be green. But now you’re faced with a local or national move, and you’re wondering, “How can I make this move and keep it eco-friendly? Is there a green mover near me that’s as respectful of the environment as I am?”

The answer to both those question is yes. Let’s take a look at four green moving solutions that will get you and your belongings packed, stacked and ready to go.

  1. Binge and Purge

Before you pack anything, go on a binge of purging. Get rid of everything in your house that’s old, broken, past its prime or otherwise not worth holding onto. Why spend time and money packing it if you don’t love it or use it?

Unloading possessions you don’t want will not only lighten your packing and moving load, it will also make it possible for others to benefit. Instead of throwing them away, you can sell these unwanted items or donate them. Keep in mind that charities can use clothing even if it’s worn out and torn; if it’s unwearable they can sell it to fabric recyclers. Let your unwanted items make a difference for someone else.

  1. Just Say No to Cardboard

Buying boxes can be expensive, and using cardboard boxes discarded by liquor and grocery stores may expose you to germs and insects. Why bring unwanted guests into your new home?

It’s true that cardboard boxes can be reused, but their shelf life is limited to a handful of moves at best.

A much better option is to use plastic bins. Buy them yourself or hire a company that uses them. Victory Van uses our own patented Victory Crates that are secure, sturdy and as green as they get. Our Victory Crates can be reused for hundreds of moves, making them one of the best green moving solutions you can find.

  1. Freight of flight?

When transporting your items, is it more green to air-ship them or to transport them by ground? The green blog Earth911 recommends using Terrapass to determine the carbon footprint of each option. In most cases, especially if you have furniture and clothing, it’s better to go with ground.

Make sure your moving company has the same goals. We have always gone above and beyond when it comes to our commitment to outstanding service, and that’s also true of our commitment to being eco-friendly movers. We use energy-efficient trucks and employ GPS technology to map routes that will produce the lowest possible emissions.

Our efficient packing means we can carry in one trip what other companies carry in three. We recycle everything we can and maintain our equipment and vehicles to minimize the number of parts we have to throw into a landfill.

  1. Go With a Green Partner

We heard you when you said, “I want an eco-friendly move and I need a green mover near me.” That’s why we can help you plan a move that’s as careful to the environment as it is to your belongings.

We have been regularly recognized for our efforts. We are recognized by FIDI, the world’s largest organization representing moving and storage companies, for our environmental policies and practices. We’ve also been recognized by the Washington Metropolitan Area Council of Governments for our success as eco-friendly movers.

From our Victory Crates to our constant innovation in developing environmentally safe methods, with Victory Van Corporation you’ve found your partner in a green move. Call us today and get the peace of mind that only comes with hiring the best.


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