Commercial Moves with Victory

When it’s time to move your office, it’s time to choose your mover wisely. Check out these tips to finding a mover who will make your relocation as easy as possible.

1. Get Local Know-How

A mover who knows the local area well is one who knows how to avoid traffic snarls, business closing times and other wrenches that can throw off the best-laid moving plans. With Victory Van you get:

  • the experience that comes with almost a century of moving businesses in the D.C., Maryland and Virginia areas;
  • in-depth knowledge of government (GSA Schedule 48), business and association regulations;
  • solid commitment to your business continuity;
  • expert packing and shipping of your data, confidential documents and sensitive equipment.

2. Consider the Cost

In addition to the costs of moving supplies, make sure your mover’s estimate includes these charges so they don’t take you by surprise:

  • costs of downtime from your business; how will your mover minimize that?
  • insurance costs; how much coverage does your company need?
  • storage; does your mover provide their own or will you have to hunt it down yourself?
  • your moving plan; does it include immediate setup of phones and IT servers, so you can get back to business with minimal to zero interruption?

3. Plan Ahead

You should book a moving company about six months before your planned relocation, and make sure you work with a mover who takes care of all the details.

  • Get a plan and a timeline that tracks every box and piece of equipment from pickup to setup.
  • Victory Van provides all of its own moving supplies, including our sturdy, recyclable Victory Crates.
  • Decide if you want your mover to pack everything or if you and your staff will pack your own offices.
  • Victory provides all the necessary equipment and supplies to make moving fast, safe and easy.

4. Get Up and Running

The best way to keep your business moving forward is to make sure your move doesn’t keep it down for long. The right mover will ensure:

  • fast, complete setup of your key equipment and server rooms;
  • specialized handling of classified and sensitive documents;
  • short-term storage to keep furniture, supplies and equipment safe from fire, theft or damage;
  • off-site archiving and storage, which Victory provides in our own secure warehouse space.

5. Experience Matters

When it comes to moving, nothing can take the place of experience. Only Victory Van offers:

  • a detailed, no-obligation estimate by an experienced moving specialist;
  • our proven record of moving offices on time and on budget;
  • a no-excuses 10-point guarantee;
  • various pricing and insurance options;
  • a moving company that has won awards for its green policies;
  • the highest customer service ratings in the industry.

Move On Up with Victory

Don’t trust your office move to just anyone. You’re moving valuable equipment, data, furniture, supplies and files that you can’t afford to lose. Make sure your mover has the knowledge, experience and customer focus to get you through a stressful time with a minimum of fuss, worry and downtime.

Call Victory Van today for a free on-site estimate. With Victory, you know that your move and your business are in safe hands.



About: Victory Van provides moving and storage services with warehouse locations in Alexandria Va, Dulles VAFrederick Md and Gaithersburg Md.  Contact Victory Van for speciality moves, storage and more.