Make Your Office Move Stress-Free

Your business is changing location and you’re thrilled but you’re also nervous. You know it’s a great move for the company’s future but the prospect of packing and hauling everything seems overwhelming.  Corporate relocation simplified by professionals makes all the difference.

Where do you start? And how do you move in a way that gives your business the least amount of downtime?

Your First Steps

Corporate relocation experts offer the following basic tips when you first decide to move your business:

1. Inform employees as soon as the final decision is made.
2. Use your company’s social media outlets to get the word out. Post information about the move on Facebook, Twitter and your company’s web site.
3. Choose one person in the company to be the designated go-to person for any questions related to the move.
4. Move the phones last so you can keep taking calls up to the last day.

Some experts suggest packing and moving the IT department and computer equipment first, as they will be the first things you want to get up and running in your new location. People who are experienced in corporate relocation also recommend the following:

  • Don’t try to move yourself; hire a company that specializes in office relocation.
  • Hire the service well in advance; in most cases, corporate movers require a reservation two to six months before the move date.
  • Make sure the relocation service offers comprehensive insurance plans to protect your company’s assets and expensive equipment.

Your Next Call

If you’re feeling the pressure to get this relocation done right, one call to Victory Van is all you need. We’ll take that pressure off you and put it on ourselves. We’ve been one of the country’s top relocation services for decades and we have the professionalism, training and experience to get it done right with the least interruption to your business’s functions.

Here’s what you can expect when you call us:

  • We’ll visit your site and prepare a timeline, an estimate and a detailed plan.
  • We provide one designated person who will coordinate your move from the day you call us until the last box is carried into the new place.
  • At the visit we’ll discuss our various insurance plans and help you pick the one that makes sense for your business.
  • Our plan will include everything from office supplies to oversized equipment; just tell us where you want it to go and we’ll arrange it.
  • We bring supplies to your employees including our famous, eco-friendly Victory Crates.
  • Your employees won’t have to break their backs hauling overstuffed boxes; instead, our professional corporate movers pick up the packed crates and move them.
  • We’ll make sure you know exactly where the IT equipment goes and where it will be in the new location.

Moving Made Easy

Victory Van has been in the business of residential and commercial relocation for 90 years. What seems like an impossibly huge task to you is just another day on the job for us. We use the most up-to-date logistics technology in the moving and storage business and experienced, professionally trained crews. It’s all designed to deliver a flawless moving experience that leaves nothing to chance.

That’s why we were selected a Top 5 Office Mover by the National Moving and Storage Association. We also won an Environmental Award from FIDI, the International Federation of Furniture Movers.

Back to Business

We’re proud of our awards but we’re most proud of the thousands of customers who have rated us one of the top moving companies in the nation, year after year. Our award-winning service, efficient staff and streamlined processes are all aimed at one thing: making sure your relocation is seamless.

We take the stress of moving off your hands and let you get back to business. Call us today and discover what a worry-free office move can mean for your employees, your company and you.

About: Victory Van provides moving and storage services with warehouse locations in Alexandria Va, Dulles VA, Frederick Md and Gaithersburg Md.  Contact Victory Van for speciality moves, storage and more.