Nationals Moving On!

Victory Van congratulates the Washington Nationals, winners of the National League Eastern Division. The Nationals are hosting the playoffs at home this weekend, where they will play the Dodgers and, hopefully continue their winning ways through the World Series.

Way to go, Nats! You and your fans have worked hard for this moment, so enjoy your time in the spotlight.

Victory Van is proud to be the official movers Washington Nationals. Our hats are off to Dusty Baker, Mike Rizzo and the whole winning team.

To you Nats fans, as you’re cheering in the stands on a crisp Fall day, watching the presidents’ race and waving your “W” cap, bask in the sunshine of a third division win. Attendance numbers prove you’re some of the most loyal fans in baseball and it’s clear that your support is a big part of your team’s success.

Winning Teams Stick Together

At Victory Van, we’re proud of our own success. Being chosen as the Nationals’ official mover is an honor. It’s a sign of one more customer who trusts us to get them packed and moved as quickly, safely and smoothly as humanly possible.

It isn’t just baseball teams that rely on us. We spend every day moving small businesses, small houses, huge office complexes and everything in between. Whatever you have to move, whether it’s one piano or a whole row of houses, we’ll show you what it’s like to have a stress-free move. We’ll put together a plan, give you the peace of mind that comes with our ten-point guarantee, and not stop until your move is completely finished and you’re completely satisfied.

Every baseball team knows what it’s like to live on the road. We do too, because we spend our time driving those same roads with the furniture, records and possessions of people all over the Washington area.

Just as we’re the official movers Washington Nationals, we want to be your official movers too.

Keep winning with Victory

Everyone loves a winner, and when you call Victory Van you’re hiring a winning team. Our experienced, professionally trained movers will get you packed and moved at the speed of a fastball. We relocate all kinds of jobs from the big to the small, from dugouts and batting cages to sensitive equipment, classified documents, antique furniture and all your own treasured heirlooms. We handle everything with the same care you’d use. And we get it to your new location with the efficiency you only get after decades of experience and innovation.

If you’re looking for storage solutions or records management, we can take care of that too. We provide a full range of services and all it takes is one call.

When you call Victory Van, you’re choosing a teammate that won’t let you down. We’ve been in business for almost a century, and it’s because we never stop developing ways to do it faster and better, and because we never waver in our focus on you, the customer. Contact Victory Van today and we’ll get you on the road to a championship-level move.