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Data center infrastructure is the nucleus of an organization’s operation. The planning phases of a Data Center Relocation (DCR) are the most critical aspects of the entire process. The frequency of a DCR for an individual organization is nominal, leaving minimal internal resources available to complete a successful relocation. Most organizations faced with a DCR opt to align with strategic partners in order to quickly acquire the necessary manpower to achieve relocation success. Strategic partner alignment is important and frequently unavoidable given internal budget and resource constraints. It is imperative to select partners that embody a core understanding of a DCR from inception to execution, and have a proven past performance that positions their credibility in the market as an asset to your organization. A traditional partnership model may involve several layers of sub-contractor support to achieve DCR success, however, this model can quickly burn up an organization’s limited budget.

Victory Van recognizes the need for organizations to align with credible partners for a successful DCR. In addition to recognizing the sensitivity of the critical environments we engage in, we also apply our expertise to the sensitivity of organization’s budgets. Our experienced team of Program/Project Managers, Critical Environment Techs, and Elite DCR Personnel/Equipment, allow Victory to pass along an umbrella solution to our customers. Victory’s DCR best practices eliminate several layers of sub-contractor support which frees up the mark up percentages organizations lose from each layer. Our DCR program presents a single point of contact, increased scheduling efficiencies, multiple internal layers of credible personnel, and a significant cost savings given back to our customers…all while maintaining quality of service.


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