Choosing a Records Management Partner

Choosing a Records Management Partner Records Retention Done Right Whether your business is small and local or huge and global, one of your biggest concerns is managing the mountain of paperwork that you have to process, document and store. It’s a big, time-consuming job but someone has to do it. So why not let an … Continued

Corporate Relocation Simplified

Make Your Office Move Stress-Free Your business is changing location and you’re thrilled but you’re also nervous. You know it’s a great move for the company’s future but the prospect of packing and hauling everything seems overwhelming.  Corporate relocation simplified by professionals makes all the difference. Where do you start? And how do you move … Continued

Women’s Choice Award

Women’s Choice Award Winner Allied Van Lines keeps winning where it counts, with customers who call us the best in the business. We’re the Women’s Choice For the second time, Allied Van Lines has been chosen as a winner of the Women’s Choice Award. This five-star award is only given to companies who achieve the … Continued

Employee Owners – Victory Van Corporation

How We Make it Work Anyone who’s hired Victory Van for a local, national or international move will tell you that our workers are the most professional, helpful and hardworking people in the business. There’s a reason our employees go the extra mile to make your move run smoothly. It’s because they’re fully invested in … Continued

The Art of Piano Moving

A Primer on Piano Moving Your piano is more than just a piece of furniture. It’s a source of joy and creativity. It might be a family heirloom. For some of you it may be your livelihood.  In this post we will share more about the art of piano moving – local, national or internationally. … Continued

Local Mover Price Options

Local Mover Price Options In this post we discuss the pricing options available to our neighbors making local moves.  Our consultants have two price choices to recommend either hourly or fixed based.  Lets examine some of the factors that contribute to a local move contract. Why Fixed Price For local moves, most consumers prefer a … Continued

Allied Quality Mover Award

Your Award Winning Movers At Victory Van Corporation we let our service speak for itself and recognition from Allied Quality Mover Award is icing on the cake!  Many of our residential and relocation clients know Victory as an Allied Partner.  And have shared their satisfaction with the variety of moving services we offer.  It is … Continued

Residential Movers

Residential Movers “Honey, we’re moving!” is one of the most stressful announcements a person can receive. Immediate thoughts come to mind regarding where, what and how soon. This is followed by looking around and wondering how all of your stuff can be properly packed and prepared for transport. Fortunately, we, at Victory Van Corporation, are … Continued

Home Moving Starters

Home Moving Starters You can have peace of mind that Victory Van will be here to help you throughout your move. We will be glad to assist you through every step of your home moving process. Our professionals will do what it takes to give you a mover plan that you can rely on so … Continued

Data Center Relocation – White Paper

Data Center Relocation – White Paper Victory Van is active in the Washington DC data community, with the experience of 95+ years of commercial moving management and logistics we have learned what makes for a well oiled operation.  Here are a few excerpts from our Data Center Relocation white paper (free pdf download available here). … Continued